What I Do

Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing

One of my short stories, "This Man," is published in Fiction International's 50th issue in November 2017. Visit the journal to become acquainted with contributors from around the world.

Game Design

Game Design

There is no separation for me. My stories are games. My games are stories. Download them for free from itch.io. You can also view them on Cartrdge.



I'm the Managing Editor for Model Behaviors, a boutique consulting and lifestyle firm of extraordinary women bettering their communities. I conduct interviews, edit essays, design posts, and tend to the blog.

How I Can Help


[ Quality Control ]

You're on your final draft, and you need one last review before turning it in for publication or sending it out for other submissions. I'll check your manuscript for typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and technical consistency.

Copy Editing

[ Language Correction ]

I'll look over your manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, continuity, paragraph organization, sentence structure, word choice, technical consistency, story consistency, and facts.

Content Editing

[ Developmental Critique ]

I'll evaluate the content as a whole and in detail for slips in logic, contradictions, inconsistencies, and other discrepencies. This is substantial editing, which could include story-altering suggestions and counsel for your growth as a writer.

Genres and Media

Ask me for one of the services listed above. For each project, you'll receive a line edit. For content editing, you'll also receive a critique. I specialize in fiction books, short stories, PowerPoint presentations, and video games (sci-fi, fantasy, LGBT, literary, romance/erotica), but feel free to contact me for any editing project, fiction or otherwise.

I'm particularly interested in helping fellow indie game developers. If you would like another eye on your game story/text but are afraid you can't afford it, please send a message so we can talk. I support rising game developers along with new writers, and I would like to offer you the same affordable opportunities to prosper.